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Wanted: Artists, Gardeners, Ecologists, Community Makers

Community.  We’re looking for creative people who love gardens, nature and quirky places and who would like to put energy into creating a community of imaginative people. We’ve got a beautiful, unusual and eccentric place to do this. It is a complex of small cottages and duplexes on an acre of land. It is bounded by an old creek (Peralta Creek, unfortunately culverted) and as a result has a number of giant trees that give the back of the property the feeling of a forest. The trees include a redwood so large that 2 people cannot reach around it and pines, acacia and eucalyptus that are over 100 feet high.

Rentals. Click on "Apartments" to see what units are available.  Click "Contact" to enquire or send an application.  We have studio apartments and 1 & 2 bedroom apartments. The units are quite charming and are in small detached duplexes and triplexes. We also have a detached 2 bedroom house. All the units have natural wood or laminate floors. They have been newly painted. The property has a telephone entry security system and automatic gate for secure parking. We have a new sprinkler system for the new landscaping.

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  • Shared Amenities.  We will create a number of common facilities.  We are renovating an old 2 story barn into an artist studio that can be shared if people want.  We also have 2 more spaces for individual art studios or workshops that can be rented separately or jointly.   In the 1950s someone built a bomb shelter which makes an excellent music practice room, secret gathering place and wine cellar. It has a roof garden on top that lets you scan the community from above.  We have lawn areas in the garden suitable for barbecues, garden parties and community get-togethers.  There is also space for growing vegetables and fruits.  We see the vegetables and fruit trees as part of an “edible landscape” that is designed to be beautiful as well as delicious.

The Neighborhood.

We are located in a working class neighborhood of single family homes. It is a stable and quiet neighborhood. Our neighbors to the north have been there for 30 years and on the south for 15 years.

View across Humboldt Street

Humboldt Gardens front gate

click here to Take a walk down Humboldt Street


What's Nearby?

Laurel District

Foothill Boulevard

Upper Fruitvale

  • Less than 7 minutes to 4 universities:

    o Mills College,

    o Merritt College,

    o Holy Names University

    o Patten University

  • Laurel District shops & restaurants, 6 blocks

  • Upper Fruitvale shopping, 3 minutes

  • Latino restaurants and markets on Foothill Blvd,

  • Frutivale Transit Village, BART, International Boulevard, 5 minutes

  • 580 freeway, easy access to the Bay Area, 3 blocks

  • AC transit, 2 ˝ blocks.

  • Peralta Park & Hacienda Peralta Park Website

When I first saw this place I thought it was a pretty ordinary working class neighborhood. But as I began to look around I discovered it was a wonderful place to explore. There are a number of Asian, Latino and organic markets, a Tibetan Buddhist temple and the historic Pacific Hacienda Park. There are several fun restaurants including Los Arcos which serves fresh orange juice direct from the orange to your glass and excellent seafood. Pupuseria Lupita across the street serves pastelito de pollo (a pastry shell filled with chicken) and salad for $2.



      BART - Fruitvale Transit Village - International Boulevard                                                           Peralta Ranch House, Peralta Park